Patriots aren’t just dreaming anymore

The end of the Pentecostal kingdom over civil society is dangerously close.

The embrace of the motherland and the mothers in it means the present and future of God-given nature. This environment resulted in the unbroken development of European culture. Ahead of the continents, the synchronized effect of morality and law developed, driving political and economic actors into limits.

The concept of true democracy includes the majority will of the people, establishing the principle of popular sovereignty, which serves societies and the direction of consensus.

It became possible to pursue humane goals in a defensive, peaceful way.

However, the search for community building can take a good or bad direction if it differs from the will of the people of sovereign states.

The democratic rule of law is based on listening to the voters and then optimally accepting and realizing their interests. Its established form is the order of parliamentary elections, where people freely trust their elected representatives. They indeed cast their votes for parties, but the principle of democracy prevails.

At the same time, civil society can be misled when the appointed representatives turn their backs on their clients and realize their status as subsistence politicians.

It is in the interest of the money sharks to fish cheaply in the abundant world sea and mark out the areas suitable for them with elaborate tools. They are the ones who decided to occupy Europe with a darkened background.

The survey and testing squad led by György Soros saw that the time had come to attack the European civilians who had been living in peace for nearly 80 years. To practice his idealism, he put his corrupt followers into service and opened the gates of Europe. He promised prosperity and hugs to millions of illegal migrants.

It seems that if we don’t act, this seductive ploy will work, complete with gender ideology and spiced up with the Russo-Ukrainian war.

The stock market sharks would drive the indigenous people of Europe into eternal debt with generous loans and the corresponding eternal interest. Their main minions are the bought NGOs, whose task is to weaken the sovereignty of states by destroying their economic life.

The European Union’s corrupt elitists, ignoring the voice of the voters, are trying to prop up the crumbling walls of the EU’s institutional system, which deserves a better fate. They appropriated the leading statuses with incredible shamelessness by conspiring faction leaders with fake cards.

However, the end of the Pentecostal kingdom over civil society is dangerously close.

The sovereignist and patriotic view is advancing with full steam ahead. Legislation controlled by the EU bureaucracy without consulting European citizens may soon be reviewed. It is also the curtailment of the rights of the nation-states related to the sovereignty of the people, the mutilation of their sovereignty.

The biased use of double standards and the exception of the kissing states whose knees are already touching the ground are also doomed to such a fate. The winds of civil war are blowing in many member states. The spirit of sovereignty and freedom cannot tolerate being bottled up. The guest appearances and lobbying of uninvited fake proctors must be stopped.

At the right time, not by chance and perhaps still in time, the Patriots for Europe Association appeared, which, having turned into a faction, can already celebrate its birth.

The spiritual patriots of Hungary, true patriots, salute Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the co-founders, who acted in the 24th hour with their professional and political knowledge, perhaps even on divine inspiration.

We will undoubtedly support their work. We have designated the tasks of our elected leaders; it is not permissible to deviate from this without our consent.

We continue to uphold CÖF-CÖKA’s motto: “Nothing about us, without us!”.

Come on, Patriots!

László Csizmadia
is the chairman of the CÖF-CÖKA board of trustees.


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