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Estonia gained independence from the USSR on August 20, 1991, although the communist elite managed to infiltrate and masquerade as freedom fighters.

One of those who held a high position in Estonia was Siim Kallas, a communist who was ruthless in his career. Kallas became the President of the Bank of Estonia. He is a significant personality because he was accused of defrauding 10 million dollars from Russian banks but was never convicted.
He used this money to create a new pro-EU and liberal party called the Reform Party. Remarkably, he has been the prime minister of Estonia and the EU Commissioner for Administrative Affairs, Audit, and Anti-Fraud.

Why is this all important? In 2004, with a massive PR campaign, Estonia joined the European Union, and in 2005, Estonia implemented internet voting. From that time, the Reform Party never lost any election again. Estonian e-voting is made by George Soros-friendly Venezuelan company Smartmatic. Smartmatic is “famous” all over the world.

Siim Kallas’s daughter is currently serving as the Prime Minister of Estonia. Unfortunately, during her tenure, Estonia has witnessed an unprecedented economic decline. For instance, electricity has become the most expensive in the world, and the high taxation rates are putting a strain on the economy.

The parliamentary elections 2023 saw the Estonian Conservative Party winning by a landslide through traditional paper ballots. However, after the electronic votes were counted, it was discovered that the Reform Party and their spin-off E200 had taken ten times more votes than the Conservatives through e-voting. As a result, the liberal Marxists won the election.

After obtaining a parliamentary majority, the new government approved gay marriage and is now promoting hate speech laws while planning significant tax hikes.
After winning elections, the Reform Party in Estonia established a system in which faithful liberals were appointed to significant state positions such as the Supreme Court, police, tax office, and more. As a result, the Estonian elite no longer had to fear getting caught and were protected by KAPO – the Estonian Secret Police. For example, known pedophile Marko Mihkelson is still representing Estonia as Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliament of Estonia. Even though there are 100 pieces of evidence of Marko photographing his underage stepdaughter’s genitals, it is made more revolting by the fact that he had his wife, the child’s mother, holding her in these pornographic poses. Police are refusing to investigate it- pointing out that there is no public interest.

In 2022, a non-profit organization called Slava Ukraini, based in Estonia, raised over 6.7 million dollars. The Estonian parliament awarded them total tax-exempt status. Slava Ukraini is owned and operated by E200, a spin-off of the Reform Party. They allegedly have ties to the Estonian Foreign Minister, Margus Tsahkna. However, the money raised by Slava Ukraini has yet to make it to the Ukrainian people. Instead, it was allegedly money laundered and used for the election campaign. Despite these accusations, the Estonian police have refused to investigate.

Kaja Kallas has been a vocal and aggressive supporter of Ukraine and many times promised to attack Russia and send missiles to St. Petersburg. Kaja Kallas is currently considered a leading candidate for the head of NATO. However, we learned that at the same time, she prohibited business between Estonia and Russia. Kaja’s husband, Arvo Hallik, got exclusive rights to trade with Russia, and Kaja invested 370 thousand EUROs in that venture. Arvo Hallik’s business has been booming and bringing in millions of euros of profit – and, of course, Estonian police do not see any problems with this. His company is doing business with the Russian military.

Immigration. After the occupation by the USSR, a significant number of ethnic Russians became foreigners in Estonia, making up around 40% of the population. Estonia’s open border policy makes it difficult to determine the current number of immigrants residing there. Some may live in Estonia without proper documentation and not pay taxes due to lenient government policies and exploitative companies like Bolt.
It has been reported that some companies in Estonia hire individuals who need proper documentation or background checks. These individuals are primarily from Muslim countries in the Middle East and Africa. Additionally, Estonia does not verify the validity of Ukrainian passports, which has made it easy for anyone to register as a refugee in the country. While the Estonian government has not released any current data on the number of Ukrainian refugees in the country, it is estimated to be between 100,000 and 150,000 people.

In Estonia, two major liberal corporations own most of the media, plus government-owned (taxpayer-funded) pro-Marxist Radio and TV stations. There are only some tiny conservative outlets – that can not make much change. Conservative Estonia is endeavoring to create a significant conservative media network by encouraging conservatives to collaborate.

Our non-profit NGO Conservative Estonia has main goals :

1. sue Estonian government to ban  e-voting
2. create independent conservative media
3. to make options available for Estonian citizens to create referendums, changes to the constitution are being proposed



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